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In today's world, not only well-connected, multinational companies are taking full advantage of commercial opportunities around the globe, but also Small and Medium Enterprises (SME´s) are increasingly looking beyond their national borders to open up new horizens, thereby strengthening their competitive positions and forging their own international networks and identities. But unlike multinational companies, SME´s often face more challenges and difficulties in going international, due to their lack of scale, resource and experience. For a lot of SMEs, doing business abroad poses an extra challenge when dealing accross continental and cultural boundaries. Often SMEs therefore need to source these capabilities externally; in most cases only for a short period of time, but covering different areas of expertise and geographies.


With strong business qualifications and many years of working experience in multinational companies at international locations, ZV International differentiates itself through in-depth business knowledge, market understanding, combined with extensive networks in both China and Germany. Focused on delivering end results and client satisfaction, ZV International works side by side with our SME clients in their process of going international, specifically either from China to Germany, or from Germany to China.



Joyce (Zhou) Vergien          

Managing Director & Founder

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